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Welcome to consent

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Posters for teens

These handy infographics come from Maggie’s ebook/audio bundle Your Kit Bag for a Very Bumpy[...]


Grandparenting in the 21st Century

In this “Maggie Moment”, Australian parenting author, educator and very grateful grandmother Maggie Dent talks[...]


How to create family rituals & why they matter

In this “Maggie Moment”, parenting author, educator and host of the ABC podcast Parental As[...]


Parenting on the same page

In this ‘Maggie Moment’ parenting author and educator Maggie Dent talks about parenting on the[...]


Some words for motherless mothers

In this “Maggie Moment” from parenting author and educator Maggie Dent, she shares a special[...]


The power of a SIGH – Maggie Soother 4

This “Maggie Soother” from Australian parenting author Maggie Dent explores the power of SIGHING in[...]


Tapping K27 for calm – Maggie Soother 2

In this “Maggie Soother” from one of Australia’s favourite parenting authors, Maggie shows us how[...]


The importance of breath in anxious times – Maggie Soother 1

In this video, Australian parenting educator Maggie Dent shares the first of a series of[...]


A letter to a 21st Century teen: 10 things I want you to know

Dear Teen, There are so many doomsayers and negative voices speaking despairingly about what’s wrong[...]


Top Tips for Teens: How to nurture yourself

What Protects and Nurtures You? There are positive, life-affirming ways and life-negating ways of overcoming[...]


Why I’m glad my sons took up surfing

Pic: The four Dent lads at the Pipeline break, North Shore Hawaii When I grew[...]


Unconditional love poster … my gift to you this Christmas

I want to gift my community this beautiful poster, designed by my graphic designer Kat,[...]


Help! We found marijuana in our son’s room

Maggie runs Q&A sessions for members of her online course community. In this session for[...]


Supporting your teen through grief

This article was first published at When I was running seminars for teens, I[...]


Leaving high school & joining the school of life: Words of caution & hope

As a former high school teacher I can remember the excitement and unbridled enthusiasm that[...]


How do you talk to kids about family estrangement? – 9 Things Q&A Oct 2016

As part of one of our regular online course Q&A sessions, parenting author and educator[...]


Adolescent Life Skills – FREE Download

What skills do adolescents need in their kit bag for life when they venture into[...]