Dealing with children’s anger can be very challenging — as can dealing with our own anger and frustration as adults.

I think for all of us, what is really important when it comes to anger is looking at possible triggers behind this behaviour. I often say that being a parent or teacher is like being a CSI detective… we are constantly trying to identify why a child responds to situations in particular ways. This can be pretty challenging when the result is a massive tantrum on the supermarket floor.

Children take time to develop the art of self-regulation and as their parents, carers and teachers there is a lot we can do to guide them through this.

It can take a whole lifetime to develop those ‘upper brain’ functions of empathy, impulse control, delayed gratification and understanding, so in these resources I discusses strategies for helping angry children deal with their emotions. I also look at how we adults who live and care for children can control our own feelings of anger when they arise.

Mindfulness and relaxation can be hugely helpful for all of us in calming down. For young children struggling with anger, I often recommend my audio track Calming the Angry Ant while for adults and adolescents I have a host of audio tracks such as Relax and Escape, Beach Bliss or my free Moonlight Relaxation for Mums.

Also check out my Meltdowns to Precious Moments masterclass with Dr Vanessa Lapointe. Or for a deeper dive, my Calming Our Children, Calming Our Homes Online Course. Finally for an exploration of teen boy anger, I’ve done a webinar on Helping Teen Boys Manage Anger & Failure.