Sometimes we just need a bit of common sense…

I wrote my first book about raising children back in 2003 because I thought the world was too chaotic and I could see that the kids, parents and families I worked with as a teacher and counsellor were struggling.

That was the year before Facebook started and it was almost four years before the first smart phone landed in our pockets! Who knew how much the advent of those two things alone would have such a big impact on how we live our lives?

I don’t know about you, but these days I find I have had to be a lot more selective about the information I engage with or I just go into overwhelm. There is so much information out there and it’s become increasingly important to discern what’s important.

This is one of the reasons why I decided to start a membership community…

Why a membership community?

I wanted a place where parents who find my guidance helpful could hear from me without the noise, comments, judgements, bots, spammers, ads and distractions that we so often find on social media.

I want to build a safe community where your questions and concerns can be heard and we can come together once a month to unpack the pressing matters in your home and around our children.

So what’s included?

Live FREE monthly Q&As – exclusive for members

An ongoing 25% discount on all webinars, masterclasses, and online courses & conferences

Premium video content

Regular special discounts on other resources

Inspirational memes, posters

Parent tips to build calm and connectedness

Book reviews

Exclusive access to a live monthly Q&A webinar

Each month I’ll run a live members-only Q&A session, during which I will answer your questions, which is something I rarely get to do via emails and messages (sorry!). You don’t have to join us live either… you can submit a question ahead of time.

An ongoing 25% discount on all my webinars, masterclasses and online courses

Your membership entitles you to 25% off all my online events and courses on my site. This is such a great way for parents to be able to sit and watch content together or with a friend without having to leave home or buy two tickets & pay for a babysitter and parking to boot!

Access to premium video content (which I am building all the time)

Members get access to premium video content and you can also submit suggestions about topics you’d like me to cover in a short video. I also plan to jump in here as I can and respond to things that might be going on in the world around us that could be impacting our children.

A bit of ongoing inspiration

For those days when you or someone you know just needs a bit of inspiration, you’ll find a full collection of gorgeous memes & downloadable posters to enjoy and share.

Book reviews

I often review books in my newsletter and on Facebook so we’ve brought all those together so members can explore some great reads for kids and parents across a range of topics.

Parent tips

I’ve added my 52 tips for a calmer, kinder home and family… one to try each week of the year.

Plus regular surprise discounts for members.

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