Maggie spent many years working as a secondary English teacher and then counsellor with a special interest in those who found the schooling journey a challenge. Maggie has also written & spoken extensively about teaching & learning in schools and at educational conferences, and produced a range of resources to support teachers and others who work with young people. This page brings together all of her articles, audios, videos & books for teachers, including early years’ educators, in one place.

Teachers Matter

Maggie is a regular contributor to Teachers Matter magazine. She has written on everything from how to motivate students, through teaching boys, to nurturing friendships, teaching adolescents & secrets to successful classroom culture.

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Nature Play Gallery

The nature play revolution is happening! Visit our gallery to see some inspiring examples of schools & communities around Australia that have integrated the principles of nature play into their play space.

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Positive Schools

Maggie presented about the Secrets to Successful Teaching at the Positive Schools conference. She wrote about being an exceptional teacher for their Positive Times blog.

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Dare to Be An Exceptional Teacher

Maggie has written this book (& ebook) for busy teachers to help them become even more effective, competent & exceptional. It is full of practical tips for climate building in the classroom & being the best teacher you can be even when things are tough.

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The Lighthouse Model for Secondary Schools

This 2020 ebook for teachers, admin staff, school leaders and ancillary staff explores HOW we can support adolescents and looks at the 10 areas through which a ‘lighthouse’ may facilitate the healthy growth and development of an adolescent.

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Early Years/Primary Educator bundle (download)

This downloadable bundle offers some great tools for anyone caring or educating children through the early years and primary school.

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Helping our boys to shine in our classrooms

First published in Teachers Matter magazine, Issue 58, 2023.   No matter where you are ...


Helping boys cope better at school: Tips for teachers and parents

Boys struggling in school, in the Western world, from transition to high school, is not ...


Square Peg, Round Hole podcast interview

Maggie joined Louise Kuchel for her Square Peg, Round Hole podcast to talk about why students ...


Grandparenting in a pandemic

One thing we have all learnt from COVID-19 is how much extended family really matter. ...


Innovative Education Reform Needs Common Sense and Genuine Consultation

As a former teacher, I am still deeply passionate about education. In 2013 I took ...


Shifting kids’ habitual behaviours

Do your children have any habitual responses that are disruptive to your family? In this ...

Book Reviews

The Women’s Brain Book

To access this post you must be a member. ...


How to support someone after a major loss

In this “Maggie Moment” Australian parenting author and educator Maggie Dent draws on her many ...

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