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When Boys Muck Up

In this ‘Maggie Moment’ author of the bestselling 2018 book “Mothering Our Boys”, Maggie Dent[...]


Helping teen students with death and loss

Maggie wrote for Teachers Matter magazine on how teachers play a pivotal role in supporting[...]


How to fight the push down of formalised learning as a teacher

In this month’s “Maggie Moment”, one of Australia’s favourite parenting authors – and a staunch[...]


Separation anxiety & starting school

In this ‘Maggie moment’, Australian parenting author and queen of common sense, Maggie Dent talks[...]


Top Tips for Caring Communication with Teens

The task of ‘lighthouses’ is to help young people find their unique strengths and weaknesses,[...]


Should twins be separated at school?

In this ‘Maggie Moment’, Maggie talks about the common practice of separating twins in classes[...]


Managing the elephant in the classroom: stress & anxiety

Maggie wrote for the Australian Education Reporter about what is causing anxiety and stress for[...]


Boys, Schools and the change that is needed

Maggie writes for Australian Education Reporter on what change is needed in our schools to[...]


Raising more optimistic kids

Pessimism can be hard to fight sometimes… here Maggie explores strategies parents can use to[...]


Maggie Dent on how to respond to backchat – ABC radio

Maggie chats to ABC Perth about how we might respond when our kids dish out[...]


Kids’ Backchat & Rudeness

In this month’s ‘Maggie moment’, one of Australia’s favourite parenting authors Maggie Dent discusses strategies[...]


The Teen Mask in the Classroom

Maggie wrote for Teachers Matter magazine about ‘Understanding Why Teens Wear a Mask and What it is[...]


Unconditional love poster … my gift to you this Christmas

I want to gift my community this beautiful poster, designed by my graphic designer Kat,[...]


Getting little ones ready for big school

Most academics and early years experts prefer to reframe “readiness” to mean transitioning into the[...]

Top Tips: Best reads on teaching children kindness

Picture books and story books are a wonderful way to teach kindness. I shared this[...]


Are your problem students bad or just struggling?

This article was originally published in Teachers Matter magazine. Here in Australia, there has[...]


Sensitive Kids

In this ‘Maggie Moment’, Australian parenting author, educator and resilience specialist Maggie Dent talks about[...]


Important information re starting age for pre-primary in WA

Over the last seven years – at an increasing rate each year – I have[...]