Exam Stress and Anxiety: How to Cope and Tips to Get You into a Power State

In this month’s Maggie Moment, Maggie is dedicated to sharing her powerful tips for students of all ages who are doing final exams for the year and need tools to cope with and manage their stress and anxiety in the lead-up to the big exam day.
Whether you’re at the end of a schooling year, an academic, at university, college, or TAFE, Maggie believes you can prepare yourself to be in a power state rather than be flooded with anxiety and fear. In this video, Maggie draws upon the latest research in polyvagal theory, brain science, and good old common sense to offer you some tips and tools so that you can get into that power state before your exam.
And remember, you are never defined by a grade on a piece of paper, you are so much more than that. All the best. You’ve got this!