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Managing kids’ screen time at home

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Episode 1 – Screen Time – Parental As Anything ABC Podcast

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How to raise our boys with character

… or rather How to raise our boys with character, who will care about themselves,[...]


Today’s parents and teens: the generation chasm

There has always been a generation gap between parents and teens. Things change from one[...]

Top Tips: Podcasts & audio stuff for kids

Podcasts and audio books remove the visual impact while enjoying the magic of the spoken[...]


10 Things Every Parent Needs to Know

A guest post from Dr Justin Coulson Wouldn’t it be great if parents really only[...]


8 Simple Strategies to Prevent Your Child’s Techno-Tantrums

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Bringing mindfulness home: tips for parents

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Feeding your child’s passion from the banquet of life

When a child is born all parents hope that s/he will live a meaningful life and[...]


Children and Screens: Finding the Balance

Is time spent on screens affecting my child’s development? Maggie shares some common-sense ideas for[...]


The biggest challenges facing families today – The Advocate newspaper interview

Maggie was interviewed by The Advocate newspaper in Tasmania about the biggest challenges facing families[...]


Top Tips: Road Trips without Screens

In September 2016, parenting author and educator Maggie Dent put a post on Facebook about[...]


Making kids feel safe in 24/7 bad news cycle

This article was originally published at Essential Kids. Read full report. When I heard the[...]


In defence of today’s ‘helicopter’ parents

Over the last couple of months I have been blessed to have been able to[...]


Why won’t my kids play outside?

It must be annoying for many parents today who hear stories from older folk like[...]


Raising Awesome Teens in a Chaotic, Sexualised World

with an afterword by Steve Biddulph The story in the media this week about the[...]