I developed a real affinity for adolescents through my work as a high-school teacher, an adolescent and family counsellor, and as the mother of four sons. Sometimes parents (and teens themselves) feel like an alien has landed during this interesting stage of development – and my own adolescence was challenged by low self-esteem. Once we understand what is going on for our adolescents however, particularly with their brain development, we can be a greater support for them and help them ‘take the high road’.

One of the key things I emphasise in all my work around adolescents, is the importance of safe adult allies, or “lighthouses” — safe guides who are not their parents who help our teens through the turbulence of adolescence.

I have dedicated much of my almost 40 years’ experience to better understanding, supporting and connecting with adolescents and the people who live and work with them. I hope the resources on this page aid this bumpy ride from child to adult for all teens, parents and lighthouses travelling this road.

My key resources in supporting you to support your adolescents are: