In many ways our girls are doing well, for example, outperforming boys at school across the developed world. However, there are other areas in which our girls are struggling – high rates of self-harm, increases in the suicide rate in recent years, huge pressures from media to be perfect, the influence of porn on emerging sexuality, sexualisation from a young age. Our girls need their parents – mums and dads and other influencers in their lives – to step up and help them shine. Here are some resources I’ve collated for anyone living or working with girls in this chaotic world.

As well as the free resources on this page you may want to check out my 2022 book, Girlhood: Raising our little girls to be healthy, happy and heard.

I also have two masterclasses on girls: Raising Mighty Girls Masterclass with Steve Biddulph (covering girls from toddlers through teens) and her Understanding Our Gorgeous Confused Girls Masterclass with Michelle Mitchell (focusing on tween/teen girls).