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Why I believe in the magic of the easter bunny

In this Maggie Moment, one of Australia’s favourite parenting authors Maggie Dent talks about the[...]


#16 – Nature play can still happen during coronavirus – Parental As Anything ABC Podcast

Coronavirus has meant the activities our kids love — playgrounds, sport, skate boarding with friends,[...]


Why parenting is really all about neuroplasticity

When our precious babies are born, their brains are full of neurons with no connectors.[...]

Our adolescents are passive and inactive and we can’t just blame screens 

We grown-ups know that eating well, sleeping well and exercising well are the three key[...]


The magic of movement still really matters in our digital world

Early homo sapiens had to move to survive and we are still biologically wired to[...]


Let’s get creative – it is good for your health and wellbeing!

One of the greatest blessings of having a childhood filled with hours of unstructured play[...]


#3 – Play — why it’s vital for kids – Parental As Anything ABC Podcast

Building cubbies, make-believe, dressing up – while it might just look like fun and games,[...]


Smart parenting: helping your child grow an amazing brain

Maggie wrote for Essential Kids about how we can parent with the brain in mind[...]


Become an energy detective for your child

Every parent will struggle at times to maintain their energy levels in order to keep[...]


Why we must prioritise play for today’s children and why we need to do it NOW

I have been writing and speaking about the importance of play in childhood for a[...]


Early years education is more than child’s play

This article was first published at Essential Kids. Recently I discovered that in some states, early[...]


Does your child have music hiding in their soul?

This article was first published at Essential Kids. It never ceases to amaze me when I[...]


Too many toys?

Maggie spoke with ABC Radio in Perth about whether too many toys can limit creativity[...]


Why are we STILL stealing childhood?

As one of Australia’s leading parenting educators I regularly travel the length and breadth of[...]


The risk of not letting our children take risks

Lenore Skenazy, author of Free Range Kids, has been fighting against laws in the US[...]


Creating risk in a risk-averse society: ABC Nightlife

Maggie joined one of the longest-running national ABC radio programs, Nightlife, to discuss why risk[...]


In defence of today’s ‘helicopter’ parents

Over the last couple of months I have been blessed to have been able to[...]


Why won’t my kids play outside?

It must be annoying for many parents today who hear stories from older folk like[...]