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Adolescent Brains: What’s Going on Up There?

In this “’Maggie Moment”’, Maggie talks about what’s going on in the adolescent brain and[...]


What drives adolescents?

In this “’Maggie Moment”’, Maggie discusses the biological drivers of adolescence –– things that are[...]


Living with Adolescents

In this “Maggie Moment”, Maggie talks about living with adolescents as they journey on the[...]


Taming the teen stress monster

For many of our teens one thing is certain: stress levels are set to rise[...]


Taming the Stress Monster Handout

A downloadable handout relating to Maggie’s seminar: Taming the Stress Monster in Adolescence: Silence, Stillness[...]


Teen drinking

Good Health magazine sought Maggie’s opinion for an article they were publishing on teens and[...]


Bullying – Radio Interview with Mix945 on National Bullying Day

Listen to Maggie’s interview with Clairsy, Shane and Kymba on Mix945 on National Bullying Day:[...]


Dealing with Diabetes

In this article for Diabetes Matters, Maggie and her son Al talk about his diagnosis[...]


Creating a safe place for today’s adolescents

According to the Mission Australia Youth Survey 2020, the top four concerns for young people[...]


The Nightmare of Adolescent Sleep

“One clear casualty of sleep deprivation is learning. That’s a tragedy—a recent tragedy.” — Professor[...]


Adolescent Stress

In my book, Saving our Adolescents (2010), I wrote that I was concerned that today’s[...]


Alcohol & Adolescents

I once spoke at a State Rotary conference in Busselton, West Australia and one of[...]


Maggie’s tips for boosting your brain

When we buy a new device, such as an iPod or car, it usually comes[...]


Creating Our Own Life

Before I explore empowerment, I need to declare that being grateful, contented, often happy and[...]


Why Dads Matter – Especially to Girls

This article was originally published on Fairfax’s Essential Baby site:  I am not sure who[...]


Adolescence Unplugged Part 1

Part One of a two-part series published in Spectrum magazine, this article explores what is[...]


Adolescence Unplugged Part 2

Part two of a two-part series (Part 1) on understanding and engaging with adolescents, published[...]


Emotional Acupressure Release Points Diagram

Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) is a quick way to help remove emotions from our nervous[...]