Top Tips for Teens: How to nurture yourself

What Protects and Nurtures You?

There are positive, life-affirming ways and life-negating ways of overcoming the effects of major stress and emotional overwhelm.

Please try the positive ones often so that you can avoid getting used to the quick fixes like energy drinks or lots of chocolate!

Safe Stress Busters:

  • get active – especially outside, and preferably doing something you enjoy (eg walking, riding, yoga or Tai Chi)
  • call a friend – especially one you can trust
  • do a guided relaxation
  • play uplifting music that you enjoy
  • play calming music that you enjoy
  • go read a book that is pure escapism from life
  • drink four glasses of water
  • make a fresh juice with fresh fruit
  • do something creative – paint, draw, play music, take photos
  • get out family albums with your baby photos
  • watch a positive film like Lion King, Shrek, or Forrest Gump
  • share your emotional state with a family member or other person who loves you
  • cook something for the family like cookies like melting moments
  • go to the park or the beach
  • go to your special place in nature
  • read a great kid’s picture book or cartoon book
  • read a joke book
  • write in a journal
  • go and do something for someone who needs help
  • arrange to speak to school chaplain or counsellor
  • have a long bath or shower and wash everything really clean
  • try some energy releasing techniques
  • get as many hugs as you can
  • write a letter to someone special
  • go and watch ants doing what ants do
  • go find a butterfly
  • go look at the stars and count them all
  • pretend you have just fallen in love with your fantasy
  • wash your sheets and clean the windows in your room
  • light a candle and pray for help

… when all else fails walk at least 3 kilometres/miles to buy a small bar of chocolate that has fruit and nuts in it – this is really a health food! Eat this very slowly. Then walk home.


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