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The Road to Resilience

Maggie spoke to Rachel Cram on the Family 360 Podcast in a two-part show on[...]


Why parenting is all about neuroplasticity

Maggie spoke with Shevonne Hunt for Babyology’s Feed Play Love podcast about one of her[...]


Supporting our kids & teens during isolation

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#15 – Raising teens – Parental As Anything ABC Podcast

Parenting teenagers when they’re moody, disrespectful and rebellious is tough. But even as they reach the[...]


Why parenting is really all about neuroplasticity

When our precious babies are born, their brains are full of neurons with no connectors.[...]

Our adolescents are passive and inactive and we can’t just blame screens 

We grown-ups know that eating well, sleeping well and exercising well are the three key[...]


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There are challenges with raising boys that only the parents of sons will understand. Like[...]


#9 – How to raise girls – Parental As Anything ABC Podcast

In this episode, Maggie talks with Steve Biddulph — one of Australia’s foremost experts on[...]


Please help me with my lazy, unmotivated 18yo son who is stuck on the couch and going nowhere

It has only been in the past few years that I have started to hear[...]


#4 – Cyberbullying — what you need to know to keep your children safe – Parental As Anything ABC Podcast

Is your child on Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook? Ninety-one per cent of Australian teenagers use[...]


A letter to a 21st Century teen: 10 things I want you to know

Dear Teen, There are so many doomsayers and negative voices speaking despairingly about what’s wrong[...]


#2 – Extracurricular activities — are your kids doing too many or not enough? – Parental As Anything ABC Podcast

Football, dance, art classes, karate and scouts. The extracurricular activities your kids can do are[...]


Please teach your sons about ‘the line in the sand’

Raising our sons to be the best expression of themselves — whether they are outgoing,[...]


Teenage brains are under siege but there are three ways parents can connect

Maggie wrote an analysis piece for the ABC’s news and analysis division on why we[...]


The world needs more kindness warriors

In this age of selfies, Insta updates, over sharing and an incredible fascination with image,[...]


How to raise our boys with character

… or rather How to raise our boys with character, who will care about themselves,[...]


Top Tips for Teens: How to nurture yourself

What Protects and Nurtures You? There are positive, life-affirming ways and life-negating ways of overcoming[...]


Top Tips for Caring Communication with Teens

The task of ‘lighthouses’ is to help young people find their unique strengths and weaknesses,[...]