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The magic of movement still really matters in our digital world

Early homo sapiens had to move to survive and we are still biologically wired to[...]


Let’s get creative – it is good for your health and wellbeing!

One of the greatest blessings of having a childhood filled with hours of unstructured play[...]


#8 – How to raise a resilient child – Parental As Anything ABC Podcast

You want your kids to be able to handle the unexpected challenges life throws at[...]


Smart parenting: helping your child grow an amazing brain

Maggie wrote for Essential Kids about how we can parent with the brain in mind[...]


The world needs more kindness warriors

In this age of selfies, Insta updates, over sharing and an incredible fascination with image,[...]


How to raise our boys with character

… or rather How to raise our boys with character, who will care about themselves,[...]


Being a dad in the 21st century

It is a fabulous time to be a father historically, anthropologically and emotionally. The restrictive[...]


Helping our children become their best selves

I’ve been chatting with many parents and teachers recently about the pressure and angst which[...]


Raising more optimistic kids

Pessimism can be hard to fight sometimes… here Maggie explores strategies parents can use to[...]


Raising hopeful children

It isn’t always so easy, especially if we ourselves are prone to pessimism. In this[...]


Let your kids fail often. It’s just good parenting.

This article was first published at Essential Kids. It is perfectly natural for parents to want[...]

Top Tips: Best reads on teaching children kindness

Picture books and story books are a wonderful way to teach kindness. I shared this[...]


10 Things Every Parent Needs to Know

A guest post from Dr Justin Coulson Wouldn’t it be great if parents really only[...]

Top Tips: Best reads on enhancing empathy in our children

In August 2017, Maggie shared this list compiled by of books to spark conversations[...]


Too many toys?

Maggie spoke with ABC Radio in Perth about whether too many toys can limit creativity[...]


Why you’ll never be the perfect parent … and that’s OK

Maggie was interviewed by Huffpost Australia about why perfectionism, comparison and judgement in parenting are[...]


Giving your kids the greatest gift of all: life skills

Life skills are more important than we might realise. I have had Year 1 teachers[...]


Why are we STILL stealing childhood?

As one of Australia’s leading parenting educators I regularly travel the length and breadth of[...]