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The importance of being heard

I have spent some time recently reflecting and pondering on the last 44 years. Since[...]


The real value in pretend play

“Babies create hypotheses, test them and then relentlessly appraise their findings with the vigour of[...]


The real truth about transitioning into pre-primary in Western Australia

“Children who are pushed too much, too soon, have a much higher chance of struggling[...]

Raising the rooster-orchid child

For those who are not familiar with my work, I often talk about the differences[...]

Helping our kids master disappointment

Hasn’t 2020 been a year full of disappointment?! From loss of job opportunities, travel opportunities,[...]


The scary reality of a teen’s search for identity in a world of socials, selfies and fake news

One of the fundamental biological drivers of adolescence is the search for identity. And let’s[...]


Why our tween and teen boys need a safe adult tribe

All tweens and teens benefit from having a safe circle of grownups somewhere in their[...]

Understanding teen boys’ anger

Let’s be honest. We all get angry at times and that is because it is[...]


Helping boys understand loss and death

Even as adults we find significant loss experiences of any kind hurt. So we can[...]


Schools key to our kids’ recovery: Why the 3 Cs count before grades

I am writing this blog not in my usual role as a parenting author and[...]


Gentle Steps to Recovery

As flattening the curve is happening across parts of the world and particularly in Australia[...]


2020: The Year We Lost Our Normal Easter

Two of the most important times in the calendar year for family connection are often[...]


Coping with the Corona Chaos

* EDIT: In the original version of  this article, I mentioned that kids with asthma[...]


Top tips and links for families in isolation

Please note we would recommend you visit any of these sites mentioned on this page[...]


Why parenting is really all about neuroplasticity

When our precious babies are born, their brains are full of neurons with no connectors.[...]


Giving your kids the gift of emotional intelligence

Emotions can be so unpredictable and tricky for adults to understand at times, so what[...]

Our adolescents are passive and inactive and we can’t just blame screens 

We grown-ups know that eating well, sleeping well and exercising well are the three key[...]


The magic of movement still really matters in our digital world

Early homo sapiens had to move to survive and we are still biologically wired to[...]