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Innovative Education Reform Needs Common Sense and Genuine Consultation

As a former teacher, I am still deeply passionate about education. In 2013 I took[...]

Honouring the human spirit in our homes and classrooms

Last week a story went around the media and socials about a farmer who was[...]

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Downloadable postcards

Here are Maggie’s Postcards, feel free to click on the images to download and enjoy[...]


Navigating these crazy, crappy, uncertain times as a family

No matter where you are in the world right now there is still no sense[...]

Inspiration Posters

Click on the images below to download a printable version of these posters to hang[...]


Helping our girls’ voices not be silenced in today’s world

Warning: this article contains some descriptions of sexual acts. I am a child of the[...]


Fussy eating in under 5s

In this “Maggie Moment”, one of Australia’s favourite parenting authors and host of the ABC[...]


Maggie’s anxiety toolkit – a chat with This Glorious Mess (Big Kids)

Anxiety is one of the biggest topics plaguing parents today. In discussing her new book,[...]


Roosters & Lambs: The Parenting Theory Maggie Swears By – a chat with This Glorious Mess

In your family would you say your kids are roosters or lambs? Or better yet,[...]


How to support someone after a major loss

In this “Maggie Moment” Australian parenting author and educator Maggie Dent draws on her many[...]


The beautiful truth about ‘favourites’ for boys and men.

Disclaimer: Gender is more fluid than fixed and while respecting biological, neurological and hormonal differences[...]


Teen boys are hungry for fathers who can care and connect

“Young males rise to the occasion under the approval of men they respect. As fathers,[...]


The Challenges of Being a Gifted Child

We may think being incredibly smart makes life very easy. In this ‘Maggie Moment’, Australian[...]


Nurturing the inner world of our children and teens

Many years ago, a 16-year-old student shared with me a story that left an indelible[...]


Death of a beloved pet

In this month’s ‘Maggie Moment’, parenting author and educator Maggie Dent talks about how to[...]


Teen Boys and Anger

To access this post you must be a member.[...]


More concern around consent training for teens to avoid more harm

**Warning: This article contains descriptions of sexual assault.** Schools around Australia are no doubt scrambling[...]