Why my own adolescent struggle made me support this important initiative

When I was a teenager, I had some pretty dark times and I almost didn’t make it to adulthood. That is why I have agreed to be a champion for a new initiative, Embrace at Telethon Kids Institute which is launching today.

Embrace is Western Australia’s first research centre devoted to the mental health of children and young people ages 0-25.

Please watch this video and join me to #SupportEmbrace

I invite you to do two things:

1. Please post a photo of a younger you on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to show your support for young people. Tag the photo @TelethonKids #SupportEmbrace

2. Please make a donation (however small) to the Embrace campaign, to support their fabulous team of researchers to do wonderful things. supportembrace.org.au

Let’s support our young people…
@TelethonKids #SupportEmbrace

#SupportEmbrace on Instagram

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