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Alcohol, Drugs, Parties & Teens Online masterclass with Maggie Dent and Paul Dillon

Alcohol, Drugs, Parties & Teens Online masterclass with Maggie Dent and Paul Dillon One of[...]

Learning the Language of Boys Masterclass with Susan Stiffelman

Learning the Language of Boys Masterclass with Susan Stiffelman and Maggie Dent This masterclass is[...]


Tweens, Teens and Phones

In this ‘Maggie Moment’, parenting author, educator and author of the 2020 release “From Boys[...]


The scary reality of a teen’s search for identity in a world of socials, selfies and fake news

One of the fundamental biological drivers of adolescence is the search for identity. And let’s[...]


Supporting our kids & teens during isolation

Maggie chatted with ABC News Breakfast about how we can support our kids and teens[...]


S2 Episode 5 – Raising teens — Parental As Anything ABC Podcast

Parenting teenagers when they’re moody, disrespectful and rebellious is tough. But even as they reach the[...]

Our adolescents are passive and inactive and we can’t just blame screens 

We grown-ups know that eating well, sleeping well and exercising well are the three key[...]


Why my own adolescent struggle made me support this important initiative

When I was a teenager, I had some pretty dark times and I almost didn’t[...]


Teenage brains are under siege but there are three ways parents can connect

Maggie wrote an analysis piece for the ABC’s news and analysis division on why we[...]


Top Tips for Caring Communication with Teens

The task of ‘lighthouses’ is to help young people find their unique strengths and weaknesses,[...]


Why emotional turmoil in adolescence is normal

I care deeply about young people and have done since I too was a moody,[...]


Roosters & Lambs as Teenagers

In this ‘Maggie Moment’, Maggie talks about how temperament may be a factor in how[...]


Teenage Masks

Do you sometimes feel a teen is pretending to be someone they’re not? In this[...]


The Teen Tipping Point

In this “Maggie Moment”, Maggie discusses our vulnerable adolescents. She discusses how we all have[...]


Talking to Teens about Alcohol and Other Drugs

A shorter version of this blog was published at Essential Kids.  Before the digital world[...]


Why we need to teach our teens how to handle stress

This article was first published at Essential Kids. Stress is something we, as adults, are all[...]


You thought toddlers were tough? Teens are like toddlers with hormones

In the leadup to her Masterclass — Raising Teens, bringing together some of Australia’s leading[...]


Beware the teen tipping point

Helping our teens to cope, conquer and shine Technically adolescence starts well before the age[...]