S1 Episode 2 – Extracurricular activities — are your kids doing too many or not enough? — Parental As Anything ABC Podcast

Football, dance, art classes, karate and scouts. The extracurricular activities your kids can do are endless. But with so many on offer, are you getting the balance right?

Maggie Dent talks with Positive Schools creator Dr Helen Street about the pros and cons of extracurricular activities for your children — when and why you should sign them up, what’s the right amount and what are the signs you might be overdoing it.

LISTEN HERE: S1 Episode 2 – Extracurricular activities — are your kids doing too many or not enough?

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Extra-curricular activities: How much is too much? – Parental As Anything with Maggie Dent and Dr Helen Street

Do your kids do any extra-curricular activities? How much is too much? When should they start? Should they drop back a bit when they have lots of academic commitments in high school? Dr Helen Street and I had a fantastic chat about all this and more in episode two of the ABC's PARENTAL AS ANYTHING WITH MAGGIE DENT podcast, dropping today. Helen is the an applied social psychologist and author of several books including "Contextual Wellbeing" and "Life Overload". She is also the founder and co-convenor of the wonderful @Positive Schools conferences.Download now from ABC Listen, iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts.https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/parental-as-anything-with-maggie-dent/extracurricular-activities-kids-doing-too-many-or-not-enough/11173444Apple Podcast link: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/extracurricular-activities-are-your-kids-doing-too/id1464488062?i=1000441070757

Posted by Maggie Dent on Thursday, June 6, 2019