Teenage Masks

Do you sometimes feel a teen is pretending to be someone they’re not?

In this ‘Maggie Moment’, Australian parenting author and educator talks about teens’ need to create a mask in order to meet their biological sense of belonging. Maggie talks about how challenging it can be for parents and teachers to live with teens while they are wearing these masks – whether that be a class clown, smart Alec, jock, bully, drama queen (OMG!), giggler, princess or more… She reassures us that this stage will pass and offers us some insights into why teens try to hide who they really are, on their bumpy ride to adulthood.

Maggie has some fantastic resources for teens (and those who live or work with them) in her downloadable bundle, Your Kit Bag for a Very Bumpy Ride… a very affordable bundle of ebooks, audio tracks and much more