The Moonlight Relaxation for Mums – FREE audio track

I went into the studio with the talented Chris Liddell of Digital Tao to create a very special gift for all mothers – mums, moms, foster mums, grandmothers — any woman who is caring for children. I invite you to download my free, calming, relaxation audio track called Moonlight Relaxation for Mums.

Here’s the track as an MP3 (select the arrow symbol in top right corner to download):

This audio relaxation uses deep breathing to release tension, stress, anxiety and frustration, and to calm the inner war that exists within many of our minds. In a way, giving yourself this time to relax is a way of nurturing and honouring yourself – giving yourself a gift instead of the ‘burnt chop’ we mums often end up with!

Tell your family that you’re taking some quiet time to do the Moonlight Relaxation, they will respect your need for a quiet space. They will also notice how much nicer you are after you have done the relaxation! A great time to do the relaxation is in bed just before you go to sleep. You can also do it while having a bath, in your bedroom, in the garden or on public transport. If you are a working mum you could fit this into your lunch hour.

So many mums share with me their angst at not being the mum they wish they could be to their precious children. This calming audio will help you be that mum – biological or otherwise.  Research shows really clearly that deep relaxation not only soothes the nervous system, it improves the immune system, reduces anxiety and stress and will improve sleep. A calm mind is a kind mind and being kind to ourselves is the first step to being kind to our children.

I invite you also to share this track with your family and friends so we create a huge circle of mums who will be able to use the relaxation – affirming the importance of the safe, supportive sisterhood so that we can all be the mums that we want to be – patient, loving, understanding, funny and fully present to the miracles we have been given to raise. If you do it every day the benefits happen faster and deeper.

I also want to clarify that this relaxation track is in no way intended to alienate/discriminate anyone who is not a Mum – there are several calming relaxations on my website available for everyone to use.

Please enjoy my gift and please share this with as many other women as possible. This means your BFs, your book group, gym class, yoga class, Zumba class, your work colleagues and especially any women who are grieving, unwell, lonely or recovering from significant loss or who are experiencing a ‘dark night of the soul’ journey. You have my permission to copy it onto CDs, USBs or any other modality to share – you just are not allowed to sell it. It must be a free gift, given with a loving, caring intention.




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