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There’s a light at the end of the baby/toddler tunnel… I promise!

This article was originally published at Essential Kids. I have been back in toddler land[...]

title slide for kindness not judgement maggie moment video


Parents need our kindness, not judgement

In this month’s ‘Maggie Moment’ one of Australia’s most-loved parenting author calls for more kindness[...]


Taming the parental busy bug

“Hurry is the enemy of love.” — Steve Biddulph It seems that the more sophisticated[...]


The very real challenges of mothering in the 21st Century

Recently I have had some conversations with mums who have had children up to 15[...]


An inspiring gift for your home

When I shared a post about Max Ehrmann’s beautiful poem Desiderata, we found so many people[...]


Parenting hacks for a calmer home

This article was first published at Essential Kids. Everywhere I go around Australia parents tell[...]


Soothing mama stress and angst

As a parenting educator I am always monitoring and enquiring of parents what’s happening at[...]


Bringing mindfulness home: tips for parents

As a proud ambassador of meditation app Smiling Mind, Maggie wrote about how to create[...]


The Moonlight Relaxation for Mums – FREE audio track

I went into the studio with the talented Chris Liddell of Digital Tao to create a[...]


Maggie talks with the Hands Free Mama herself

Few people articulate the challenges and gifts of mothering better than Rachel Macy Stafford. The[...]


Top 5 Tips for Today’s Parents

Recently during an interview on Channel 9 in Perth I was asked what my five[...]


Taming the teen stress monster

For many of our teens one thing is certain: stress levels are set to rise[...]


Creating Your Own Life

Before I explore empowerment – which is what I plan to cover in this article[...]


Why Women Shouldn’t Always Leave Themselves the Burnt Chop

I have met so many interesting and weary grown-ups lately. I put a beautiful picture[...]