S1 E7 – The Good Enough Dad with David Campbell – ‘Your past does not determine the dad you will be’

Until he was 10 years old musician and TV presenter David Campbell believed his grandmother was his mother, and his mother was his sister. The unsettling revelation that Cold Chisel’s front man – Jimmy Barnes – was his dad threw David into a world of chaos and confusion. David shares with Maggie how he and Jimmy became close, and how those confusing years helped make him the dad he is today.

This is a beautiful, frank, honest, humorous conversation that roams from talking about attachment and addiction to what family really means and the quirks of parenting twins.

The podcast that David talks about in this interview is LiSTNR’s The Secrets We Keep https://play.listnr.com/podcast/secrets-we-keep

A transcript for this episode is available. Download here.

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