The Secret to Raising Resilient Kids: Embrace (and Model) Failure

Kids are prone to making poor choices – dropping things, drawing on the wrong things with permanent marker, being selfish and struggling to share, having meltdowns, falling over, and having bumps and bruises while playing freely.
When children are protected from failing or being disappointed – regardless if this comes from a place of love – it will come at a cost later in life when a moment of challenge or setback arrives (and it will).
Maggie spoke with Joe Brumm, the creator and animator of the award winning Australian children’s television show Bluey about the game of Pass the Parcel and the old vs new rules. So you can imagine how thrilled she was when he did an episode on this.
The old rules of Pass the Parcel means that there is only one winner. And learning what it feels like to lose or not get what you want is a part of becoming emotionally competent. To become emotionally buoyant we need to experience emotionally challenging moments, especially when we are younger before the limbic brain grows to be more influential.
In this month’s Maggie Moment, Maggie shares why modelling failure and helping our kids embrace failure, especially in the early years will set positive foundations for how to cope with failure and build resilience not only in adolescence but in adulthood too. Maggie shares examples of games you can play to help practice failing with grace and grit.
Bluey Episode – Pass the Parcel –…