Are you expecting too much of your child?

In this month’s Maggie Moment, parenting author, educator, and host of the ‘Parental As Anything’ and ‘Good Enough Dad’ podcasts, Maggie Dent invites parents to consider in challenging moments whether they might be expecting too much from their children.

Maggie says that we need to be aware of the developmental capacity of our children, and sometimes our expectations can exceed their cognitive development — they may not be ready or able to do what we want them to do.

Each child is unique and different, so Maggie advises us to tune in to where our child is at developmentally and then consider what we can do as parents to help them stretch and grow in a way that is ok for them.

With love and guidance, our children will grow at their own pace….and above all, remember it’s not a race! Childhood takes as long as it needs to take.