Being an energy detective for your child

In this month’s Maggie Moment, parenting author, educator, and host of the ‘Parental As Anything’ and ‘Good Enough Dad’ podcasts, Maggie Dent asks parents to check in to their child’s energy levels.

Children use a lot of energy in their day, it doesn’t take too much to really put pressure on their nervous system and for them to go into a dysregulated state. We need to remind ourselves this is not a naughty child, they are struggling to cope….punishment and yelling don’t help. It’s our job as parents and educators to be ‘energy detectives’. Stay attuned to how our children are feeling and how much activity they can handle on any given day.

Also don’t forget as adults we also need to tune in to our own energy. Honour the quiet and restoring moments, and the moments of joy that fill our cup and our nervous system so we can be nicer humans!