ABC News Live Blog Parenting Q&A with Maggie

Maggie was invited by ABC News to answer people’s questions in a live blog on their home page… Here are some of the questions she was able to answer on the night:

  1. We thought we were on top of our parenting. Then our daughter turned 14..
  2. Should my teenagers be allowed to pick their own bedtimes?
  3. My daughter says she is ugly and fat and I suspect it’s coming from her peers. How do I best address it?
  4. How do we stop our child from sleeping in our bed?
  5. My child is anxious and refuses to go to school. What approach should I take?
  6. Trying to to get my daughter dressed every morning is destroying my sanity. What can I do to help her?

…and lots more. To read the full article click here.