Transitioning to Big School

Do you have a little one who’s heading off to big school, or has just started? In this ‘Maggie Moment’, Australian parenting author Maggie Dent talks about ways to support young children to transition to primary school. Maggie reminds us that any new experience can make us anxious, and offers us some strategies to alleviate that anxiety in the months, weeks and days leading up to and following the first day of school.

Maggie also cautions us about expecting too much too soon once your child gets to school.

For more tips on getting your child ready to start school, watch the replay of Maggie’s masterclass with Dr Kaylene Henderson, GETTING READY FOR BIG SCHOOL.

Also have a listen to the episode of the ABC’s Parental As Anything podcast in which Maggie and Dr Kaylene talk about getting little ones (and teens) ready to transition to school/high school, whether you have a year ahead of you, weeks or just days.

Listen to the podcast episode here.