Top Tips for Travelling with Toddlers and Babies

Earlier this year, I asked my Facebook community for suggestions on travelling with babies and toddlers on long-haul flights… what works and what doesn’t. We had some wonderful responses and my team has collated them here for anyone who is thinking of travelling with little ones to draw from the wisdom of those who’ve gone before them! Thanks everyone.

Here is a summary of the most common suggestions:

  • Choose flights with a lay-over if you can
  • Choose your food wisely, lots of small snacks (don’t over feed)
  • Bring a diversity of toys, books, colouring stuff, puzzles, games, kid-friendly headphones. Activities in zip folders are great (toys on strings so they don’t fall under the seat are also good).
  • Try to book flights that coincide with your child’s bedtime
  • Breast feeding/Comforters/Bottles are good for babies at take off and landing to help with sore ears.
  • Brush up on your nursery rhymes and hand games.
  • Surrender yourself to the idea of walking up and down the plane… it’s a good chance to meet other passengers!
  • Don’t forget a few changes of clothes (for parents and baby… just in case!)
  • Leave some time at the end of the journey to rest and recharge before you go about your travels.
  • If you can afford to get them their own seat, it can help (and maybe bring your child’s familiar booster so they can sit up high).
  • Use calming aromatherapies to help calm your child’s (and your) nervous system.
  • If travelling with a partner, ask the crew to hold one of your meals so you can both have a chance to eat in peace.
  • Stay calm and relaxed yourself…

Please download the attached PDF for a more comprehensive list of suggestions….

TopTipsonFlyingWithBabies_Toddlers PDF


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