Top Tips: Road Trips without Screens

In September 2016, parenting author and educator Maggie Dent put a post on Facebook about road trips without screens.

DISCLAIMER: These tips are shared from our Facebook community – please do your own research when making choices for your family. Also please note we have left people’s entries largely unedited so there will be imperfections in grammar and spelling.

The original Facebook post:

Maggie Dent
Any other suggestions most welcome – especially audio books?…/are-we-there-yet-road-tripp…

Most common suggestions

  • Colouring books, maps, reusable stickers, felt story boards, crochet and drawing
  • Healthy snacks and treats
  • Audiobooks (some great titles listed in the comments below)
  • Music, podcasts and books
  • Regular pit stops
  • Look out the window, contemplate and expand imagination, don’t over distract and allow them to get bored
  • Singing and conversations
  • Talking games and games (great ideas listed in comments below), quizzes, maths and spelling
  • Toys, dolls and treasure

We had so many responses! Download this top tips sheet to see the comments we’ve collated from this post: top-tips-road-trips-without-screens.pdf