Top Tips: Night Terrors

In February 2016, parenting author and educator Maggie Dent put a post on Facebook about night terrors.

DISCLAIMER: These tips are shared from our Facebook community – please do your own research when making choices for your family. Also please note we have left people’s entries largely unedited so there will be imperfections in grammar and spelling.

The original Facebook post:

Maggie Dent
Night terrors can be worrying. @Dr Kaylene Henderson – Child Psychiatrist writes about it exploring what they are in this article:
I have had parents tell me that playing my free audio Sleepytime has stopped them – must soothe the nervous system.
What other suggestions are out there?

Main feedback provided from this post:

  • Good routine, avoid over-stimulation
  • Calm night time pre-bed procedures (bathing, singing, reading)
  • Do not over heat, ensure fresh air
  • Semi-awaken the child 30-45 minutes after they have gone to sleep to break the pattern
  • Diffuse essential oils at night, especially Juniper
  • Kinesiology
  • Fully awaken the person from the night terror before returning them to sleep, otherwise
    episode may re-occur
  • Cut out artificial sugars after midday to stop night terrors
  • Healthy diet and avoid food colourings, especially blue. Gluten free diet has been known
    to help too
  • Check their tonsils and general health to see if there is unease in the physical body that is
    triggering night terrors
  • During and after an episode try to keep the space calm and dimly lit

Download the full top tips sheet to see a full list of responses:
Top Tips Night Terrors UPDATE.pdf