Bringing mindfulness home: tips for parents

As a proud ambassador of meditation app Smiling Mind, Maggie wrote about how to create mindfulness at home for their blog…

In my childhood I was marinated in nature. As a farmer’s daughter I spent hours with my siblings exploring the natural landscape, the bush, paddocks, creeks, dams, rivers and rocky hills.

This deep and profound immersion has given me a strong connection to Mother Earth that still nurtures me today as I journey through my 60s.

In fact, when I took up meditation as an adult I was surprised that the wonderful world of my childhood was exactly like the place I found in my meditations. I again felt free of problems, light and connected to the strong sense of the sacred that I had known in nature all those years ago.

When I began teaching 40 years ago I took my intuitive sense of valuing quietness, stillness and being grounded into my classrooms.

Little did I know that I was practising mindfulness and when I became a parent I followed the same pathway of creating mindfulness moments at home. As a mother to four boisterous, active boys this was easier said than done.

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