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Please help me with my lazy, unmotivated 18yo son who is stuck on the couch and going nowhere

It has only been in the past few years that I have started to hear[...]


The one important thing all our kids should learn about

A guest post by Dr Kaylene Henderson Many of us watch on as our children[...]


Helping our children become their best selves

I’ve been chatting with many parents and teachers recently about the pressure and angst which[...]

Top Tips: Podcasts & audio stuff for kids

Podcasts and audio books remove the visual impact while enjoying the magic of the spoken[...]


Teen safety (without suffocation)–Understanding Boys

Maggie spoke with Harb Gill from the Understanding Boys blog about how to keep your teen sons[...]


Tips for busting phobias & fears for frightened children

This article was original published at Essential Kids. It is normal for many young children[...]


Soothing mama stress and angst

As a parenting educator I am always monitoring and enquiring of parents what’s happening at[...]


Giving your kids the greatest gift of all: life skills

Life skills are more important than we might realise. I have had Year 1 teachers[...]


Dealing with your anger as a parent

As a parent there are going to be days when you have run out of[...]


Fathering alone

In this ‘Maggie Moment’, Maggie talks about how fathers who are sole parenting can be[...]


Why being a mean, loving parent matters

Without a doubt parenting is confusing, challenging, exhausting, fabulous, delightful and amazing, and often all[...]


How to discipline kids without smacking them

Maggie spoke about alternatives to corporal punishment with 3AW’s Tom Elliott Full report.[...]


Sobering truths about being a mother

Mother’s Day can be bittersweet… Maggie wrote about the weakening of the supportive sisterhood for[...]


Little boys beginning big school

We have seen some disturbing trends in recent times: Increasing number of 4-6-year-old boys being[...]


In praise of a common-sense revolution

Recently I was listening to a radio interview with a motoring expert, and a listener[...]


Raising girls in a sexualised world

In this ‘Maggie moment’, Maggie shares her concerns for girls today in particular their exposure[...]


Fairness and Kindness

In this “’Maggie Moment”’, Maggie talks about the importance of instilling in our children a[...]


The silver lining to every natural disaster

Whether it be storms, earthquakes, bushfires or floods, life can hurl some unexpected hurdles our[...]