S6 Episode 11 – Grandparents — are we expecting too much? – Parental As Anything ABC Podcast

Grandparents do so much for our kids. But not every family has a Nanny or Pop in their life. And even when they do, keeping the peace can be tricky.

How do you celebrate the joy grandparents bring to your family, while still forging your own path as a parent? How do you ask them not to spoil your kids, or discipline them like it’s 1985? And do you rely too much on them for free childcare?

Anne McLeish, director of Grandparents Australia, joins Maggie, to celebrate the benefits – but to also offer tips on how to foster relationships from afar, what to do if tensions arise over child-rearing ideas and what to say if a grandparent is not in their life at all.

They are joined by special grandparental guests ABC broadcaster and author Richard Glover and Larrakia elder Richard Fejo.

LISTEN HERE: #S6 Episode 11 – Grandparents – are we expecting too much? 

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Disclaimer: The advice provided in this podcast is general in nature and does not take into account your personal situation. If you require further advice specific to your needs please consult a professional.