S1 E1 – The Good Enough Dad with Hamish Blake – ‘we’re all basically winging it’

Aiming to be a GOOD dad is important. But you know what? Being a good ENOUGH Dad is how you ace it.  The Good Enough Dad is hosted by Maggie Dent – parenting educator, author, and champion of boys and men.  Chatting to committed, funny and loving dads about their wins and fails –  Maggie offers awesome tips and insights into all the ways dads can feel good enough at this parenting gig.

In this first episode Maggie chats with comedian and podcaster Hamish Blake.

Hamish Blake has his own podcast on how to dad PLUS he won Father of The Year 2023, so he must have this fatherhood thing down pat right? Wrong! According to Hamish – he’s stuffing up daily. Maggie and Hamish chat about why playing for groans is more fun than playing for laughs and the number one thing he thinks all dads need to remember in order to get this dadding gig right. Hamish’s podcast: https://www.listnr.com/podcasts/how-other-dads-dad

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