Self- Regulation: How to Help Your Child Build Coping Skills in Challenging Situations

Self-regulation is a hot topic in the parenting and child education space. There is a growing interest and debate about how the ways in which our development, our brains, our behaviour, emotions and our attitudes are all connected.
Regulation is not one of those skills that you can master and then you’ve got it for life though. No. It’s something that as humans we constantly need to work at because it’s not easy to stay ‘regulated’ in every given moment, especially in today’s world where there are so many added pressures and stressors in life.
Regulation is driven by so much more than our emotions and in Dr Stuart Shanker’s book Self-Reg he explores the 5 domains of arousal and how when our children are in a state of calmness and alertness, that’s when they learn and play best.
In this month’s Maggie Moment, Maggie explores self-regulation in more depth. Maggie looks at how we can help our children tune into their bodies, identify what they are feeling and needing so they can build regulation skills and their capacity to tolerate challenging emotions and tricky situations.
To watch part 1 of this video series visit this link.
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