How to motivate boys – The On Boys Podcast

Want to know how to motivate boys?

Toss out your outdated beliefs about boys and men, says Maggie in a recent conversation with Jen and Janet from The On Boys Podcast.

“Our boys aren’t these tough, unfeeling humans,” Maggie says. “They’ve got incredibly tender hearts, and with appropriate guidance they can grow to shine.”

In this episode, Jen, Janet, & Maggie discuss:

  • Why it’s essential to laugh w boys
  • Giving boys time to grow
  • How shame impedes boys’ motivation
  • Why so many boys struggle in middle school & high school
  • Pace of male development
  • Helping boys with failing grades
  • Responding to boys’ “crazy plans” (Pro tip: The phrase “give it some thought” is your friend!)
  • Empowering boys’ inner compass
  • Gaming & digital technology
  • The power of positive noticing


To listen to the full episode click here.