Grandparenting in a pandemic

One thing we have all learnt from COVID-19 is how much extended family really matter. In this “Maggie Moment”, Australian parenting author, educator and very grateful grandma Maggie Dent talks about the grief, the exhaustion and the sheer joy of grandparenting – especially during the pandemic. This message is directed to biological and non-biological grandies, anyone who plays that role in a child’s life. Maggie reminds us that sometimes what grandparents may feel about parenting is no longer backed up by the science of child development and she offers some tips for navigating that – and for being a healthy, engaged grandparent because families (again, biological and otherwise) really do matter at times like these. In this video, Maggie mentions an article she wrote about The Things you don’t Realise About Being a Grandparent. You can read that here.