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Schools warn on sex, booze parties

Letter to the Editor Congratulations on putting this story on the front cover of your[...]


Stop over-pathologising our Children

There was a very interesting article in the Weekend Australian 15-16th August 2009 that I[...]


Sleep, glorious sleep

It never ceases to amaze me how similar parents’ concerns are about their children, no[...]


TODAY Show: Stressed out mums

Maggie joins the TODAY show to talk about looking after yourself as a parent.  [...]


Birds and bees

On 8 October, Maggie chatted to Lisa Wilkinson from TODAY about when to chat to[...]


Youth suicide: Failing Our Adolescents

ABC’s opinion site published this piece from Maggie sharing her own story about a failed[...]


Fearsome fours

Maggie joins TODAY hosts Karl and Georgie in the studio to talk about strategies for[...]


Eat More Dirt!

Maggie joined Mel James in the Guestroom, on ABC Radio in Darwin to discuss how[...]


Thrifty Christmas might be the magic pudding

A survey released by the Australian National Retailers Association this week (week ending 20/11/09) reported[...]


Sex is fun

Channel 9’s TODAY Show asked Maggie to comment on Britain’s National Health Service pushing the[...]


Maggie in Conversation with Richard Fidler

Richard Fidler had Maggie Dent on his Conversations program where they discussed her life’s journey[...]