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Teaching with the teen brain in mind

Over the past 15 years there has been a massive outpouring of research that explores[...]


Boys & Mums: the tween years (Part 1 of 2)

In this ‘Maggie Moment’, Maggie talks about the challenges for mums raising boys in the[...]


Teen Boys & Gaming: The 10 Agreements for Healthy Balance

Recently a mum of 15-year-old boy came up and asked me a frequently asked question:[...]


Helping kids learn to lose well

Increasingly here in Oz we’ve been hearing about violence in junior rugby clubs around the country. On[...]


Helping our teen girls shine

I often have mums of teen girls speak to me about how worried they are about[...]


TEDx Youth: Exploring the big question, why am I here?

Joining TEDxYouth@Hale, Maggie addressed young people at Hale School to ask what their spark is.[...]


Emotional development in adolescence

In this video blog, Maggie talks about how emotional development in adolescence can cause our[...]


The Lost Hour of Sleep for Adolescents & Young Kids

In this “Maggie Moment”, Maggie discusses how today’s children and young adults have lost one[...]


Helping Children & Teens with Transitions

Transitioning from one state of being to another is always challenging. As children and adolescents[...]


Adolescent Brains: What’s Going on Up There?

In this “’Maggie Moment”’, Maggie talks about what’s going on in the adolescent brain and[...]


What drives adolescents?

In this “’Maggie Moment”’, Maggie discusses the biological drivers of adolescence –– things that are[...]


Living with Adolescents

In this “Maggie Moment”, Maggie talks about living with adolescents as they journey on the[...]


Taming the teen stress monster

For many of our teens one thing is certain: stress levels are set to rise[...]


Why are we so frightened of big emotions that are incredibly normal?

I occasionally get emails from worried parents who have children who have begun boarding school, especially[...]


Taming the Stress Monster Handout

A downloadable handout relating to Maggie’s seminar: Taming the Stress Monster in Adolescence: Silence, Stillness[...]


Teen drinking

Good Health magazine sought Maggie’s opinion for an article they were publishing on teens and[...]


Friendless teens

I normally use the word adolescence when writing about the transition stage from child to[...]


Free webinar: Living with Adolescents Q&A with Maggie

In this free webinar, Maggie took parents’ questions about living with adolescents. Maggie talked about: dealing with a[...]