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Parental As Anything with Maggie Dent

Maggie's new ABC podcast is here!

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What dads offer their sons and daughters

Maggie chatted to Little Rockers Radio about the important role that fathers play in raising[...]


Why parenting today is harder than it used to be – Kinderling Radio

Kinderling Kids Radio chatted to Maggie about why parenting is harder today than ever before…[...]


The 4 biggest myths about boys – Maggie speaks to Kinderling Radio

Kinderling Kids Radio recently published a blog on the biggest 4 myths about boys following[...]


Mums raising boys to be good men

Maggie chatted with Shevonne Hunt from Kinderling Kids Radio about how mums in particular can[...]


Maggie Dent on how to respond to backchat – ABC radio

Maggie chats to ABC Perth about how we might respond when our kids dish out[...]


Preparing a child for the death of a parent

Maggie was asked by a listener on ABC Perth Afternoons about how to prepare a[...]


Debunking myths about boys

Maggie joined Shevonne Hunt from Kinderling Kids Radio to discuss myths about boys. The audio[...]


Raising Remarkable Boys

Maggie chatted about Raising Remarkable Boys with Libby-Jane Charleston and Tory McGuire from HuffPost Australia[...]


Maggie talks sibling rivalry on Kinderling Kids Radio

Maggie chatted to Kinderling Kids Radio about how to negotiate sibling rivalry in your family.[...]


Little Boys Beginning Big School – Kinderling Radio

Maggie joined Shevonne Hunt from Kinderling Kids Radio to talk about Little Boys Beginning Big School followed[...]


Creating risk in a risk-averse society: ABC Nightlife

Maggie joined one of the longest-running national ABC radio programs, Nightlife, to discuss why risk[...]


The rise of the nan van: The role grandparents play in parenting – ABC Brisbane

Research from Queensland’s motoring authority, RACQ, shows nearly 1 in 3 cars having baby/toddler car[...]


Raising emotionally resilient boys

Maggie chatted to Kinderling Kids Radio about how to raise boys to be resilient and[...]


Maggie Dent on how to talk to young kids when someone they love dies – ABC Radio

Maggie Dent, who has supported many children and parents when someone they love has died,[...]


Anxious kids, worried parents

ABC Perth’s Gillian O’Shaughnessy hosted a one-hour forum on anxiety in childhood, featuring Maggie and[...]


Go Slow Parenting Podcast

Maggie shared some audio from her 9 Things Online Course with US-based website[...]


The ‘birds and the bees’

Cushla Travers from ABC Kimberley spoke with Maggie to get some important advice on how to[...]


Kitchen cupboard wonderland

Maggie chatted with Shevonne Hunt at Kinderling Kids Radio about why there is great wonder[...]