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Parental As Anything with Maggie Dent

Maggie's new ABC podcast is here!

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Maggie & Dr Vanessa on the most volatile members of our families: under 5s

During Dr Vanessa Lapointe’s 2019 Australian visit, she and Maggie were interviewed by Shevonne Hunt for[...]


Raising rooster children: Parenting Without Power Struggles podcast

Maggie often refers to children’s temperaments as them being somewhere on the ‘rooster’ and ‘lamb’[...]


Good chat podcast: Maggie ‘the man whisperer’

When Matt Tinney decided to do a series of chats with men for his “MEN[...]


S1 Episode 9 – How to raise girls — Parental As Anything ABC Podcast

In this episode, Maggie talks with Steve Biddulph — one of Australia’s foremost experts on[...]


S1 Episode 8 – How to raise a resilient child — Parental As Anything ABC Podcast

You want your kids to be able to handle the unexpected challenges life throws at[...]


S1 Episode 7 – Homework — how to manage the load — Parental As Anything ABC Podcast

Six hours in the classroom, then music practice and sport. Daily homework is a pain[...]


S1 Episode 6 – How to discipline your child — Parental As Anything ABC Podcast

Threats, bribes, shouting, and time-outs can work in the heat of the moment but when[...]


S1 Episode 5 – Managing meltdowns and handling tantrums – including your own — Parental As Anything ABC Podcast

Your screaming three-year-old in the supermarket; your eight-year-old losing it over a board game; your[...]


S1 Episode 4 – Cyberbullying — what you need to know to keep your children safe — Parental As Anything ABC Podcast

Is your child on Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook? Ninety-one per cent of Australian teenagers use[...]


S1 Episode 3 – Play — why it’s vital for kids — Parental As Anything ABC Podcast

Building cubbies, make-believe, dressing up – while it might just look like fun and games,[...]


S1 Episode 2 – Extracurricular activities — are your kids doing too many or not enough? — Parental As Anything ABC Podcast

Football, dance, art classes, karate and scouts. The extracurricular activities your kids can do are[...]


Maggie goes Parental As Anything on RN Drive

On the launch of the new ABC podcast Parental As Anything with Maggie Dent, Maggie[...]


S1 Episode 1 – Screen Time — Parental As Anything ABC Podcast

Research shows Australian kids spend a third of their day in front of a screen.[...]


Introducing Parental As Anything With Maggie Dent – ABC Podcast

One of Australia’s favourite parenting authors and educators Maggie Dent gives you tips and answers[...]


How to be the mum your boys need you to be

Maggie joined Gareth Parker from 6PR in Perth to chat about mothering boys: Listen on[...]


Mothers and sons – ABC Nightlife

Maggie had a one-hour chat on ABC’s Nightlife about mothers and their sons in the[...]


Raising Boys With Love: ABC Conversations 2018

Maggie joined Sarah Kanowski from ABC Conversations to chat about what it’s like to raise[...]


Tackling stereotypes and raising good men

ABC Radio National’s Life Matters program chatted to Maggie about her new book, Mothering Our[...]