Top Tips: Best resources for supporting kids with ADHD

We reached out to our online community for their favourite books, online resources and experts for understanding and supporting children with ADHD. We’ve compiled a list from the responses and hope it gives you some insight into the world of ADHD. Please note these resources are not personally endorsed/recommended by Maggie, but rather a community collaboration.

Also if you haven’t already, please listen to Maggie’s episode of Parental As Anything on Parenting Kids with ADHD.


Square Me, Round World   by Chelsea Luker

Fish In A Tree – by Lynda Mullaly Hunt

The Explosive Child (2014) by Ross W. Greene

Scattered Minds by Gabor Mate

Lost at School by Dr Ross Greene

Dr Russell A. Barkley books

Beyond Behaviors (2019) by Mona Delahooke

ADHD Go-to Guide (2017) by Desiree Silva & Michele Toner

What Your ADHD Child Wishes You Knew (2018) bu Dr. Sharon Saline

Organising Solutions for People with ADHD (2012) by Susan Pinsky

Fridays with Tristan: Understanding ADHD from a Mentoring Perspective (2019) by Grace da Camara

What Lies Beneath Workbooks, published by UWA Press and developed by Safe Zone Counselling to help guide participants through the OnTrac program material or also useful as stand-alone resources.

Smart but Scattered (2009) Peg Dawson & Richard Guare

Dr Patricia O. Quinn books

Sam Squirrel has ADHD (2020) Selina Lee

My Friend Manny by Jodie Adams

Wiggles Stomps and Squeezes Calm My Jitters Down. by Lyndsey Rowe Parker

Some Brains: A book celebrating Neurodiveristy by Nelly Thomas

The Brain Forest by Sandhya Menon

Winston Wallaby can’t stop bouncing  by Kay Al-Ghani, Joy Beaney

Captain Underpants – by Dav Pilkey

A Kids Book About ADHD by Elly Both

Online and Audio

Free back to school guide for parents of kids and teens who learn, think and develop differently – Free resource from Perth Kids Hub

How to ADHD, Explainer videos on Youtube

Bluey: Jack the Army Dog

ADHD: Essential Ideas for Parents, Dr. Russell Barkely

ADHD & Demand Avoidance SeminarMy Special Child

Fed Up, Sue & Howard Dengate

ADDitude Mag

Too peas in a podcast

I have ADHD podcast

Square Peg Round Whole podcast

Square Peg Round Whole – Free 23 page handbook on ‘Supporting the Mental Health of Neurodivergent Students at School’, suitable for schools, teachers and families.

ADHD Alien, also on Facebook

Little Miss Lionheart Blog by Tia

Exceptional Learning with Simon da Roza

SkwarePegRowndHole Blog


Connect ADHD & Executive Functioning, ADHD Coaching

Parents for ADHD Advocacy Australia

University of Texas toolkit for Transitioning to STEM for students and adults with ADHD or learning disabilities

Take a listen to Maggie’s chat on Parental As Anything with consultant Christina Keeble.

ADHD Families Podcast –

This article from has some interesting suggestions for uni/college students with ADHD, including a video on ‘toxic productivity’ for people with ADHD.’ 

Expert Recommendations

Anxiety or ADHD?, Karen Young, Hey Sigmund


Thriving With ADHD, Lou Brown, ADHD Coach

The Zones of Regulation, Framework and Curriculum by Leah Kuypers

Jenara Nerenberg & The Neurodiversity Project

My Spirited Child with Rebecca Perkins

ADHD Dude on the ON BOYS Podcast

ADHD Whisperer with Selina Lee

Totally ADD with Rick Green

The ADHD Mama

Distraction Podcast with Dr Nedd Hallowell

Autism and Neurodiversity Support Specialist Kristy Forbes

The Functional Family – Sharon Collon Certified ADHD Coach & Consultant

Social Media

Dr Patrick LaCount

What ADHDers want you to know: Neurodiversity Education for Neurotypicals

DrBrianFTW (psychologist specialising in and with ADHD on Instagram)

Seth Perler

How to ADHD 

Facts About Fast Brains

Free support group

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