When your child has to start school but they don’t seem ready

In this “Maggie Moment”, Maggie talks about what you can do when your child has reached the age where they are legally required to start school but you don’t feel they’re quite ready. Maggie lays out some practical strategies for transitioning your child well, dealing with a tired child, working with your child’s teacher, plus some practical ways to restore your child if they are facing stress and exhaustion.

For more tips on getting your child ready to start school, watch the replay of Maggie’s masterclass with Dr Kaylene Henderson, GETTING READY FOR BIG SCHOOL.

Also have a listen to the episode of the ABC’s Parental As Anything podcast in which Maggie and Dr Kaylene talk about getting little ones (and teens) ready to transition to school/high school, whether you have a year ahead of you, weeks or just days…

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