Top Tips: Resources to teach children body safety & protective behaviours


 Book from Jayneen Sanders…all available at

  • Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept
    A children’s picture book to keep kids safe from sexual abuse.
  • No Means No! 
    Teaching children about personal boundaries, respect and consent.
  • Body Safety Education
    A step-by-step guide for parents and carers on how to protect children from sexual abuse through personal Body Safety Education.
  • My Body! What I Say Goes!
    A book to empower and teach children about personal body safety, feelings, safe and unsafe touch, private body parts, secrets/surprises, consent and respect.

A Secret Safe to Tell by Naomi Hunter
This beautifully illustrated book encourages and empower children to speak up if someone is touching them in a way that makes them uncomfortable.

Matilda Learns a Valuable Lesson by Holly-ann Martin
This book is an invaluable safety resource for those with or those who teach children and a powerful tool for children of all ages and cultures.

Hayden-Reece Learns a Valuable Lesson that Private means ‘Just for You’ by Holly-ann Martin
This book will help both parents and teachers explain this important subject so that children of all ages will understand the difference between public and private.

Someone should have told me by Holly-ann Martin
is a book for adults to share with children (best for aged 6-10 according to Holly-ann). It uses colourful, fun illustrations and simple statements prefaced by “Someone should have told me…,” to help adults talk to children about potential online and face-to-face dangers.

Michael’s Bubbles by Justine O’Malley
A Protective Behaviours Story book about personal space.
Available from WA Child Safety Services
Justine O’Malley works for WACSS

My Body Belongs to Me by Jill Starishevsky
The rhyming story and simple, friendly illustrations provide a way to sensitively share and discuss the topic, guiding young children to understand that their private parts belong to them alone.

Smart Parenting for Safer Kids by Professor Freda Briggs AO.
Her latest book covers Bullying, Cyberspace and Internet safety, Sexual Abuse, Parenting through Adolescence, and so much more.


Other Resources:

Printable awareness and information posters by Jayneen Sanders
Available at

Body Safety Australia: Parent Workshops
Within these workshops parents/carers and guardians will learn of their role in understanding body safety and protective behaviours.

Kids Helpline: telephone 1800 551 800

NAPCAN: Prevent Child Abuse & Neglect
Helpful website that includes information, programs and resources.

SAFE4KIDS has a host of resources including a Board Game
This versatile game can be used as an assessment tool to evaluate children’s ability to conceptualise the principles of Protective Behaviours.

My Underpants Rule! Books and other resources:
A UK-based site on child protection for parents and educators.

Keeping Kids Safe! A Child Safety initiative by the Daniel Morcombe Foundation Inc
A great site with a free resource kit and DVD, curriculum materials and other useful information and tools such as a free HELP ME app to help children recognise, report and act.

Paediatric Health and Safety Guide
A useful guide to information about basic safety in childhood and including child protection issues.

WA Child Safety Services
West Australia Child Safety Services is a specialist provider of Protective Behaviours, Cyber Safety, Digital Wellness and Pornography education programs and resources. They work with children, young people, parents, educators, and professionals to create safer communities.

Puberty & sex education:

The “Secret” series including Secret Girls’ Business, Secret Boys’ Business, The Secret Business of Relationships, Love & Sex by Heather Anderson, Faye Angelo and Rose Stewart (Illustrated by Jeff Taylor)
Fantastic, accessible, fun guides for various ages and stages to discuss puberty and sex.

Sex Ed RescueHelping Parents do Sex Education
Great blog and resources from Cath Hakanson, a mum, nurse, clinician, educator, counsellor and more.


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