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You thought toddlers were tough? Teens are like toddlers with hormones

In the leadup to her Masterclass — Raising Teens, bringing together some of Australia’s leading[...]


Beware the teen tipping point

Helping our teens to cope, conquer and shine Technically adolescence starts well before the age[...]


Helping badly behaved students

Recent reports have exposed the alarming impact badly behaved students have in Australian schools, both[...]


Adolescence Unplugged Parents Handout

This handout accompanies Maggie’s popular seminar Adolescence Unplugged (formerly called Saving Our Adolescents). Download PDF: ADOLESCENCE_UNPLUGGED_PARENTS[...]


Teaching with the teen brain in mind

Over the past 15 years there has been a massive outpouring of research that explores[...]


Dealing with Diabetes

In this article for Diabetes Matters, Maggie and her son Al talk about his diagnosis[...]


Creating a safe place for today’s adolescents

According to the Mission Australia Youth Survey 2019, the top four concerns for young people[...]


Schoolyard Violence a Symptom of Modern Teenage Life

This opinion piece ran in The Courier-Mail in September 2009. This week we have heard[...]


The Nightmare of Adolescent Sleep

“One clear casualty of sleep deprivation is learning. That’s a tragedy—a recent tragedy.” — Professor[...]


Boys Matter: Silence, Stillness and Boys

“Boys are found everywhere, on top of, underneath, inside of, climbing on, swinging from, running[...]


Really Surviving Life: Real Resilience and Passion

“In humanistic psychology resilience refers to ‘an individuals ability to thrive and fulfil potential despite[...]


Why Dads Matter – Especially to Girls

This article was originally published on Fairfax’s Essential Baby site:  I am not sure who[...]


Adolescence Unplugged Part 1

Part One of a two-part series published in Spectrum magazine, this article explores what is[...]


Adolescence Unplugged Part 2

Part two of a two-part series (Part 1) on understanding and engaging with adolescents, published[...]


Transcendence and Adolescence

“I have found that relaxation exercises which include attending to breath and muscle relaxation can[...]