Fussy eating in under 5s

In this “Maggie Moment”, one of Australia’s favourite parenting authors and host of the ABC podcast Parental As Anything, Maggie Dent, talks about how food is a real sensory exploration for our little ones. Maggie talks about the natural progression in development that can lead to what we might term ‘fussy’ eating. Maggie talks about some of the factors that impact on our children’s appetite and how to gauge if their eating habits are becoming an issue.

To hear more about fussy eating, take a listen to the podcast episode on making food fun here.

Fussy eating is also explored in Maggie’s new book, “Parental As Anything: A common-sense guide to raising happy, healthy kids – from toddlers to tweens” (ABC Books, July 2021) now available in stores and online. (The audiobook is due 1st August 2021).