Free webinar: Living with Adolescents Q&A with Maggie

In this free webinar, Maggie took parents’ questions about living with adolescents. Maggie talked about:

  • dealing with a 12-year-old’s aggression, hostility and defiance;
  • what to do when your teenager is consistently disrespectful;
  • handling bullying and exclusion;
  • secret Facebook accounts;
  • helping a teen who’s gone off the rails;
  • handling your teenager’s weight issues;
  • building connections with your adolescents;
  • and how to be a lighthouse to an adolescent.

Listen here:

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In the webinar, Maggie mentions some of her resources for adolescents and the people who live with and support them. Check out her self-paced online course, Adolescence Unplugged, as well as her books, Saving Our Adolescents: Supporting Today’s Adolescents through the Bumpy Ride to Adulthood and Taking the High Road: an Ebook for Adolescents. For adolescents, check out Your Kit Bag for a Very Bumpy Ride. Maggie has also written several articles for teens as well as offering resources for parents/lighthouses. You may also want to watch her TEDxYouth@Hale talk for teens on Exploring the big question: Why am I here?, her video seminar Saving Our Adolescents and her adolescent playlist on her Youtube channel.