Family Conflict Podcast with Maggie Dent

Talking sibling rivaly, relationship breakdown and separation with Maggie Dent

In this podcast interview, Maggie responds to questions about family conflict*, including:

  • how to handle it when one sibling just don’t like the other
  • what to do about siblings who gang up and exclude their brother
  • how to minimise the stress of separation on kids
  • how to negotiate different parenting values & styles after separation
  • how to know when it is time to leave a relationship – NB: Maggie wishes to add to one of her verbal response to this question that sometimes it is in the best interests of the children to ensure their safety is guaranteed. Abuse or seriously unsafe environments are NO-GO signs and professional help is needed.

*This podcast touches on issues of family conflict, not family violence. If you or someone you know needs support with a situation involving family violence, please seek help and find resources and support here.

Listen here:

Further resources, which Maggie mentions in her interview: