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Self-care in the age of 24/7 negative news cycles

So often when I tune into the news online, on the radio or on TV,[...]


The 3 Rs to family happiness: resilience, routine & relaxation

It’s something that’s easy to forget or hold on to in our busy lives, but[...]


Expectations and the inconvenient truth of parenting

One of the chapters in my book 9 Things: A back to basics guide to calm, common-sense,[...]


Our resistance to rest

I know I am like many of you when it comes to taking some rest[...]


Creating Your Own Life

Before I explore empowerment – which is what I plan to cover in this article[...]


Why Women Shouldn’t Always Leave Themselves the Burnt Chop

I have met so many interesting and weary grown-ups lately. I put a beautiful picture[...]


Parenting Imperfectly

I recently met Tim Gill my play guru from the UK at the C &[...]


Maggie’s tips for boosting your brain

When we buy a new device, such as an iPod or car, it usually comes[...]


Really Surviving Life: Real Resilience and Passion

“In humanistic psychology resilience refers to ‘an individuals ability to thrive and fulfil potential despite[...]


Free Audio Collection

Sleepytime and Safe’n’Sound audio tracks These 2 free audio tracks may be useful to parents[...]


TODAY Show: Stressed out mums

Maggie joins the TODAY show to talk about looking after yourself as a parent.  [...]