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Why schools are failing our boys

First published at Boys will be boys, they tell us, but how many of[...]


Q&A webinar with parents – 3/02/2014

In this 1 hour recording of a live webinar Q&A conducted between Maggie and a[...]


Schoolyard Violence a Symptom of Modern Teenage Life

This opinion piece ran in The Courier-Mail in September 2009. This week we have heard[...]


Maggie Dent on how parents can help with positive change in schools

(Firstly, apologies for the quality of this handheld video… we did it on the run[...]


Hidden influences on student learning

Sometimes as teachers we scratch our head wondering why some students perform to their potential[...]


The Real Truth About Homework

There isn’t a shred of evidence to support the widely accepted assumption that homework yields[...]


Using Visualisation and Mental Rehearsal in the Classroom

When students turn up in your classroom they bring with them invisible inhibitors to learning.[...]


The post high-school hole

Maggie spoke with Karl Stefanovic from TODAY about the risks of young people falling into[...]


TODAY Show: Surviving Highschool

Maggie joins the TODAY show for some tips on how children and parents can prepare[...]


Hidden pressures facing adolescents

Maggie appeared on Channel 9’s TODAY to discuss how to better support our teenagers on[...]


Homework hell

Maggie’s views that homework does not improve children’s school performance and intrudes on family time[...]